Akira The Don Rocks Death’s Head

Marvel UK’s Death’s Head is a robot bounty hunter, but he’d prefer you call him a “freelance peace-keeping agent.” Created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, the character has enjoyed enduring popularity despite several lengthy publishing lapses.

Musican, artist and writer Akira The Don is a big fan of the character and even created his own guide to the character. It comes as no surprise that when he recently decided to get his eighth tattoo it would be of Death’s Head.

Photo by Chris Neseman

ATD visited Southgate Ink in Southgate, London to get his new tattoo, based on an illustration by Bryan Hitch, and you can witness the final results below.

For more on the story behind ATD’s Death’s Head tattoo and progress shots check out his blog, where he explains why he had them do the placement of the initial outline four times.  ATD performed at MorrisonCon (which you can see in the first picture in this post) and even sat down with the man himself, Grant Morrison, pictured below.


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  1. Laurence J Sinclair says:

    Should’ve gone with a Senior piece, yes?

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