Amazing “Breaking Bad” Tattoos by Carlos Rojas

Today’s CBR Ink post started out with a turtle. He was a teenager, a mutant, a ninja, and a serious party dude with an unparalleled love of pizza. I discovered him late last night on Instagram and bookmarked the link to mess with today. But what I discovered is that the artist of said piece, Carlos Rojas from the Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA, is one hell of a portrait artist when it comes to tattoos. His Instagram is littered with his stunning work and I figured we could go a little topical.

As comic book writer Seth Peck recently tweeted:

And I have a hard time arguing with him. TV’s best drama is addictive, emotionally draining, and pretty much all anyone I know can talk about of late. While perusing Rojas’ work, I came across several “Breaking Bad” pieces he had done. I’m sure there are plenty of “Breaking Bad” tattoos out there, but I doubt many reach this same level of excellence. Check out the full gallery featuring Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the break.

Now who’s even more excited for Sunday’s “Breaking Bad” series finale?

Expect more ink from Rojas to appear here soon!


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