Barrett’s Sweet Mazzucchelli Batman Tattoo

David Mazzuccheli is a brilliant maker of comic books, and I don’t use that term lightly. He’s done some incredible work on both Daredevil and Batman, not to mention his complex and hyper-stylized graphic novel, “Asterios Polyp,” which still pops into my brain from time to time because it’s just that good.

I recently heard from reader Barrett who got a Batman tattoo based on a Mazzucchelli sketch he found online. Like the man’s work itself, Barrett’s new tattoo is a thing of beauty. He was kind enough to tell us a little bit about the tattoo as well.

CBR Ink: Why did you get a Batman tattoo? What does the character mean to you?

Barrett: I got a Batman tattoo because I lost a bet.  Just kidding!  I got it because I love Batman!  Batman inspires me to be a better man.  He’s crazy, but it’s that craziness that allows him to push past the limits of an ordinary person.  In watching the [Christopher] Nolan movies and reading the comics, you see someone so driven, so determined to change the world that Bruce Wayne has become the disguise.  Because of Batman, I appreciate even more the people that have given their lives in service to others, as we’re all called to do.

Out of all the amazing Batman imagery to choose from, why did you go with this image drawn by David Mazzucchelli?

“Year One” is a masterpiece, and I love the artwork.  Batman’s costume is so simple it’s beautiful (yeah, I said it).  I love that he doesn’t look like a steroid abuser (I’m looking at you “Arkham Asylum/City” games), but rather, he looks like a normal guy who’s trained his body to be an efficient weapon.  I love the style of the book in general and how it replicates the art from the early days of comics.  Also, on a more practical note, I chose something I thought would be near impossible for an artist to mess up!

Do you have any other comic book tattoos?

I don’t have any other tattoos, and as I sat in the chair with the needle jabbing into my arm, I decided I would probably never get another one!

Check out the original sketch below!


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