Batman Beware, This Guy Joined the Court of Owls

As some of you may know, this weekend’s New York Comic Con is kicking into high gear as we speak with tons of news already spilling and loads more coming your way. As always, Comic Book Resources has you covered so be sure to visit early and often for all the announcements, reveals, interviews and coverage of one of comics’ biggest events.

But over here on Ink, we don’t stop for any conventions. We just keep right on finding choice tattoos for your viewing pleasure (and inspiration, although I have yet to hear if anyone has actually gotten a new tattoo based on something they found on the blog.

On the left is Scott Snyder, acclaimed writer of DC Comics’ “Batman,” (and “Superman Unchained,” “The Wake,” “American Vampire,” etc.) and next to him is an excited fan who got the Court of Owls mask as a tattoo. I don’t know if that makes him evil or not, but Scott doesn’t seem too worried about it.

Oh wait… is that eyebrow a cry for help? Has anyone seen him today…?

The Court of Owls is one of the many new elements Snyder has introduced into Batman’s world and his exploration and expansion of Gotham’s history. Snyder and artist Greg Capullo are currently visiting Batman’s earliest days with the massive “Zero Year” storyline.

Though he’s only a few years into his Batman tenure, something tells me there will be plenty more tattoos based on Snyder’s stories and Capullo’s excellent art.



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