Batman & Catwoman, Together Forever (and the Joker, Too!)

While most tattoos exist as individual pieces of art, there’s another option that’s becoming increasingly popular: couples tattoos. Two pieces that sometimes work on their own, but usually only work when placed next to or against the other one. While these may come in the form of matched messages, ring tattoos or the like, some couples bring their love of comics into the mix and we get today’s tattoo, Batman and Catwoman in an embrace, framed by the night sky in the shape of a heart.

Unfortunately we stumbled acriss this image came via Pinterest and we were unable to unearth who it belongs to, the story behind it or the artist who did the work. But we won’t leave you with an isolated image today. Not after we stumbled across this solo tattoo featuring a slightly similar theme via

This image belongs to a woman named Denise, who got the work done as an homage to Brian Bolland’s art from the classic “Batman: The Killing Joke” story written by Alan Moore.

Which tattoo do you think is more romantic?



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  1. That’s awesome tattoo. my second favourite couple is batman and catwoman

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