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Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine

Remember that time Hugh Jackman played Wolverine in that movie? Maybe that’s  because the Australian actor has been playing the fan-favorite Marvel mutant for nearly 15 years starting with “X-Men” in 2000 and continuing through this year’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” This year’s outing will bring him to 7 appearances — not counting the rumors surrounding a sequel to “The Wolverine.”

There is an entire generation of fans who know Jackman as the Best There is at What He Does, even if they aren’t as aware of his complicated comic book history, and the star recently re-posted a picture of one such fan’s stellar Jackman-as-Wolverine tattoo on his Instagram account.

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Steve Butcher’s Tattoos are “Venom”-ous and “Predator”-y

While a majority of the tattoos featured on the blog are just things I stumble across or seek out, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of our readers and the team at CBR. That said, I can’t recall who sent me a link to Steve Butcher’s tattoo work, starting with a Venom piece, but I’ll say thanks to everyone since that blanket statement should cover it.

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DeConnick Pins “Captain Marvel”

Back in March, “Captain Marvel” writer Kelly Sue DeConnick put out an open call for fans with Captain Marvel tattoos to get in touch for the book’s letters column. With the book getting a new relaunch as part of All-New Marvel NOW!, CBR INK decided it was high time to show you some of the tattoos borne from the redesign Carol Danvers underwent in the current volume of the series.

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Batman Beware, This Guy Joined the Court of Owls

As some of you may know, this weekend’s New York Comic Con is kicking into high gear as we speak with tons of news already spilling and loads more coming your way. As always, Comic Book Resources has you covered so be sure to visit early and often for all the announcements, reveals, interviews and coverage of one of comics’ biggest events.

But over here on Ink, we don’t stop for any conventions. We just keep right on finding choice tattoos for your viewing pleasure (and inspiration, although I have yet to hear if anyone has actually gotten a new tattoo based on something they found on the blog.

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Skottie Young Inspires Baby Nova, Spidey & Deadpool Ink

For the last couple years, Skottie Young has been producing his very own brand of awesome for Marvel Comics, delivering awesome and playful baby versions of their many iconic characters like some kind of amazing artist stork. We talked about one of his Wolverine images last October when it became a tattoo, and Young and his fans weren’t anywhere close to done.

Today we bring you not one, not two, but three brand new tattoos inspired by Young’s Baby Marvel illustrations. Witness the power of Baby Nova, the swinging fun of Baby Spider-Man and the two-guns up carnage of Baby Deadpool.

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Super Fan Dave Goes Front to Back with Epic Super Hero Ink

Way back when, CBR Ink did our initial call for submissions from tattooed readers. While we’ve featured many of them here, one of them got lost in the shuffle for far too long. Not quite a year ago, very patient reader David Kiljanowicz offered to share his super hero ink with the world, and today we’re finally fulfilling our part of the bargain.

David’s tattoos tell the story of a lifelong fan who has been reading comics since 1963. Now in his late fifties, David got both tattoos — a superhero tableau on his back and a Flash & Kid Flash — in his late fourties and was kind enough to send us pictures and give us his story of how they came to be. Take it away, David…

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Real Fans Keep Batman Close to Heart

As a grammar geek (snob?), I really wanted to just do a post about Milwaukee Bucks block machine Larry Sanders and his new “Give” and “Receive” tattoos. Only, that’s not what Sanders got.

“I before E, except after C.” Sanders and/or his tattoo artist didn’t recall the phrase or double check spelling before going permanent with the typo. And as much as I could waste a couple hundred (or more) words on the subject, Bleacher Report and others have it covered.

Instead, let’s turn our focus to Chris, the recent subject of Robot 6’s Shelf Porn feature. Chris is a Batman fiend who fell in love with the character during the classic ’90s run of “Batman: The Animated Series.”

While he owns tons of comics, statues and other collectibles, perhaps the pièce de résistance in his collection is the Batman symbol emblazoned across his chest, just like the Dark Knight himself. Only, you know, Chris’ symbol is permanent and he doesn’t have a secret identity (that we know about).

No one can question his zeal for the Batman now.

For more on Chris and his collection visit Robot 6.


Thor’s Hammer Glows… and So Can You

If memory serves, we haven’t covered any tattoos with black light sensitive UV inks on the blog thus far. Today, that all changes…

I had a hard time getting into Thor as a character when I first started reading comics. I always thought the visual was kind of cool, not to mention his ability to call down the lightning when he needed to, but for the most part he was a guy with a funny way of speaking (often with difficult to read fonts reinforcing this idea) who I knew of, but didn’t follow. The glorious ponytail of Thunderstrike actually drew me in for a bit after he crossed over into one of my regular books, but I just couldn’t get a handle on the character for many years. I later discovered Walt Simonson’s run and well… that’s some damn fine comic booking. I suddenly got Thor.

I have yet to see the movie, but I imagine plenty of fans have put him at or near the top of their favorite characters. Still, there’s one thing Thor fans new and old can likely agree on. Lightning is just plain cool.

CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland sent me this tattoo image earlier this week, of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir lit by a black light — and the ink responding in kind.

The tattoo was done by Captain Jack’s Tattoo Studio in Portland, OR, where you can also read all about black light UV ink tattoos. It’s a pretty fascinating process, and one I hope we can feature more of on the blog moving forward.

I just hope whoever got this tattoo also has this awesome Thor 3D wall art night light in their bedroom…

Esquivel & Mahfood Team for Blackest Terror & Beat Bee Tat

Writer Eric M. Esquivel is best known for his work on BOOM! Studios’ “Freelancers” and his creator-owned “The Blackest Terror” from Moonstone. The latter being one of his own creations, Esquivel opted to commit the character in a fashion more permanent than paper — a new tattoo.

He enlisted fan-favorite comic book artist Jim Mahfood to design the tattoo, and Mahfood added his own spin — err, character — in the form of the Beat Bee. Beat Bee is a “mysterious cosmic traveler, delivering magical mixtapes to all the good boys and girls of the galaxy.”

Ready to press play?

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Green Lantern Visits the “New Frontier”

Remember our massive Green Lantern post from a few weeks back? The one where I claimed Kyle Rayner stands atop the GL heap? Yeah, you remember. (And I stand by the sentiment.) It also prompted one of our readers, Joshua Balog to chime in with his own two cents. He said that Kyle is his favorite as well…

But you didn’t come here to read my opinions about fictional characters. You came here to see illustrated flesh featuring comic book characters. Well, just so happens Joshua has a Green Lantern tattoo of his own, and while it doesn’t feature any familiar faces, it’s still plenty iconic.

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