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This Popeye Tattoo is Strong to the Finich

Some tattoos are clever in content — funny phrases, images that work differently depending on how you look at them or when paired with another — and others are just plain inventive. Case in point: This Popeye tatoo based on everyone’s favorite spinach-eating sailor.

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Amazing “Breaking Bad” Tattoos by Carlos Rojas

Today’s CBR Ink post started out with a turtle. He was a teenager, a mutant, a ninja, and a serious party dude with an unparalleled love of pizza. I discovered him late last night on Instagram and bookmarked the link to mess with today. But what I discovered is that the artist of said piece, Carlos Rojas from the Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA, is one hell of a portrait artist when it comes to tattoos. His Instagram is littered with his stunning work and I figured we could go a little topical.

As comic book writer Seth Peck recently tweeted:

And I have a hard time arguing with him. TV’s best drama is addictive, emotionally draining, and pretty much all anyone I know can talk about of late. While perusing Rojas’ work, I came across several “Breaking Bad” pieces he had done. I’m sure there are plenty of “Breaking Bad” tattoos out there, but I doubt many reach this same level of excellence. Check out the full gallery featuring Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the break.

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Kevin’s Tattoo Collection Mixes Comics, Animation & Video Games

Reader Kevin Paisley recently got in touch to let me know he had a half dozen comic book tattoos, and wondered if we’d be interested in seeing them. He also casually mentioned having a few “Ben 10″ and Sonic the Hedgehog tats, just in case we might be interested in those as well.

In the time between his first e-mail and our last, he added two more tattoos, so settle in and check out Kevin’s collection which features Brainiac, Dr. Manhattan, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more.

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“Helldorado’s” C. Michael Hall Gets His Geek On

C. Michael Hall is the writer of Ape Entertainment’s undead Western series “Helldorado” and the 3-issue “Hooligan” miniseries for Viper Comics, about an anti-hero in the midwest trying to bring order to his town, which goes on sale later this month. He also writes and draws a series of educational comics including the viral sensation, “Library of the Living Dead,” which has been downloaded more than a million times.

He also has several tattoos that will delight geeks of all ages, and let’s be honest — that’s why you’re here. “These are things I love, and which have influenced me in some way or another,” Hall told CBR INK about his tattoos.  “They’re just outward expressions of who I am, and of the stories and characters I admire.”

Hall shows off his ink and discusses each piece in more detail below. Continue Reading »

Donald Faison & Superman “Scrub” In

Superman fans come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. “Scrubs” and “TRON: Uprising” star Donald Faison is among the Last Son of Krypton’s biggest fans, committing Superman’s iconic “S” logo to his right arm when he was 18. Faison joined the cast of the upcoming “Kick-Ass 2″ as Doctor Gravity earlier this month.

Needless to say, this won’t be the last Superman tattoo to appear on CBR INK, but feel free let us know some of your favorites.

Lisa & Maggie Simpson Get Inked

Kristina Morgan is a longtime friend of CBR’s, and when CBR INK began to take shape earlier this year she was one of the first people we wanted to talk to. That’s because, for the last year and counting, Kristina has been working on a massive tattoo featuring characters from “The Simpsons.” To find out about her masterpiece, CBR Ink reached out to her for a discussion about the tapestry, its special meaning, and her views on tattoos in general. Please note, the photos are slightly NSFW.

CBR INK:  Having seen a photo of the “Simpsons” tapestry on your back, I have to say it’s quite impressive. Where did the idea for this image come from, and why the Simpsons?

Kristina Morgan: My “Simpsons” piece is a tribute to my brother, who died in 1997 when he was 19. He was a big Simpsons fan, and we used to quote “The Simpsons” to each other all the time. For years, “Simpsons” quotes were always popping into my head. His favorite character was Lisa, and mine is Maggie. I wanted the pets in the piece because my brother and I are both animal people.

In addition to Lisa, Maggie, Snoball and Santa’s Little Helper as part of the image, how did you actually figure out what the tattoo itself would be?

The scene was designed by my tattoo artist, Graham Chaffee at Purple Panther Tattoo. He modelled it on a Balthus painting. He thought of it when I said I wanted Lisa to be covering her eyes, as it is a sign of death. I also told him I eventually wanted to be tattooed all over, and he suggested putting Snoball and Santa’s Little Helper on my butt because it was more room and if we stopped at my waist I’d have to come up with a butt tattoo which would break up the flow. Graham is very good at putting together dramatic scenes rather than just sticking individual tattoos whereever they fit, which is a very valuable quality in a tattoo artist. The artist part is important.

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