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“Locke & Key” Tattoos Don’t Make Saying Goodbye Easier

I read the final issues of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ “Locke & Key” late last night. While I found it completely satisfying and fitting for the story and it’s characters, I’m not quite ready to let go. IDW Publishing put out a hell of a series from start to finish, and knowing that the final curtain has fallen is bittersweet even if I’m happy with how it all played out.

So… tattoos! I went searching for the best and brightest “Locke & Key” tattoos — and I suspect there’s more where this came from — so I could bid farewell to the series while also giving you some eye candy.

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Znag Was Only the Beginning – More 3D Tattoos

Remember Znag, of the impressive 3D tattoos fame we posted about early last month? Apparently, he was just the tip of the iceberg. As impressive as his works are, he’s not alone in pioneering crazy realistic 3D ink jobs. Via the tumblrs of writers Joshua Williamson and Joe Hill, CBR INK came across a Curious History post that showcases some of the best of the best when it comes to 3D body art.

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Znag’s Jaw Dropping 3D Body Art

They’re real and they’re spectacular. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! Is This the Future recently tracked down the artist responsible for the image below — which, like many unbelievable images shared across the Internet, was deemed equal parts amazing and fraudulent. As it turns out, they’re 100% real and the work of a Russian graffiti body artist known as Znag.

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LuVisi Tallies His “LMS” History

Tattoos based on the work of artist and “Last Man Standing” creator Dan LuVisi were previously featured on CBR INK, but this time around we’re flipping that around — LuVisi just got his first tattoo.

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Eden Miller Goes “Krazy” with Ignatz Mouse

The Small Press Expo is an annual festival that provides a forum for independent artists, writers and publishers of comic art that might fall outside the mainstream purview. SPX is also home to the annual Ignatz Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in comics and cartooning by small press creators and creator-owned projects. The winners of the wards are voted on by attendees of the Expo, and the entire process is coordinated by Eden Miller.

Miller recently came across CBR Ink’s radar when Fantagraphics tweeted about her new leg tattoo.

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Mike’s Ink is Approved by the Comics Code Authority

Many comic book readers will recall the Comics Code Authority as a familiar, postage stamp-like logo on the front of their favorite comics. Or at least, it used to be. Archie Comics and DC Comics put the final nail in the CCA’s coffin in early 2011, and Marvel paved the way for major publishers to the same when they adopted their own ratings system in 2001. But from 1954 until its death in 2011, the Comic Code’s stamp of approval graced the cover of thousands of comic books, deeming them suitable for public consumption.

Ink reader and co-host of the “Mike and Pol Save the Universe” comics podcast Mike Gillis got in touch last month to share his comic book tattoos — the Comics Code Authority and EC Comics logos — and we couldn’t resist chatting with him about why he would put such a controversial and not very fondly remembered symbol of censorship for those that know the Code’s full backstory. He was gracious enough to answer some questions below as well as providing images of his tattoos. Continue Reading »

Steve Adds Death & Life to Emotional Lantern Spectrum

Two weeks back we posted a massive, Green Latnern-centric post (in which at least one of you agreed with me that Kyle Rayner is the best GL). While there were several emotional spectrum tattoos in the mix, we heard from the owners of them that he’s actually expanded the tattoo beyond what was originally pictured.

Here’s Steve’s original tattoo:

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“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” as a Sleeve

Our old pal Wayne Nichols, who previously showed up on CBR INK for designing a WWII tattoo sleeve, is at it again. He recently posted the following image sent to him by a fan, of a brand new sleeve tattoo based on one of his “Star Wars” pages.

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“Return of the Dapper Men” Birds Take Flight

Happy April, Ink fans! In honor of the arrival of Spring (it is Spring, right, weather?) I dug out an old tattoo that reminds me of warmer weather. I originally came across last July when this site was still just in the planning stages.

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Rob Schwager is a “Sinner”

In August we brought you a post about a fan who got colorist and fine artist Rob Schwager’s “Mister Nasty” tattooed on his back. More than six months later another fan has turned to Schwager for inspiration, this time getting his “Sinner” as a tattoo on her back (in roughly the same spot as the “Nasty” tat).

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