Cathy Ward Sees “Twilight” All Over Her Skin

Last month we brought you news of “Twilight’s” Kellan Lutz starring in the tattoo-centric action movie “Tatua.” While researching whether Lutz was a fan of tattoos, I came across some images that I found… interesting, to put it mildly. They were of a woman whose back (and then some) was entirely covered in a massive “Twilight” tapestry featuring the characters from the “Twilight Saga” films. I knew it was something I’d have to show our dear readers soon enough, and now that day has arrived.

The images I found were of 50 year-old Cathy Ward, a British supermarket employee who employed an interesting diet — reading the “Twilight” books and watching their movie adaptations in lieu of eating poorly — and then commemorated her success by getting a permanent reminder of the stories and what they meant to her. Her husband, according to the Daily Mail, apparently doesn’t mind.

After starting with her back, Ward added a full sleeve to her right arm, a half sleeve to her left and across her chest. Even though the books and movies are finished, she plans to continue adding more tattoos inspired by the series in the future. Ward estimates that she has spent £6,500 and 69 hours under the needle thus far.

Check out an extensive gallery after the jump.

Photos via Daily Mail and Daily Dawdle.


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