Dan’s Symbolic Tattoo Collection

A few weeks back reader Dan Lennane wrote in to ask if we’d be interested in showing his tattoos on the blog. As it turns out, he had never shared any of the reasons behind his five tattoos and was excited to tell the story behind each of them to CBR INK. Below he discusses the various logos (and one character) that adorn his body, as well as the inspiration for his ink. Take it away, Dan!

Dan Lennane: The first one I got was the X-Men symbol, which is on my upper left arm.  I was a huge comic fan in high school and that made me a bit of an outcast (or, dare I say, mutant).  Once in college I made some good friends, and they were into comics too.  I embraced the comic nerd label and I figured the X-Men logo would be a good choice.  I don’t remember the name of the guy who did this one.  He also told me mid-way through that the tattoo wouldn’t be a perfect circle because our skin isn’t flat like paper.  I was like, “Why didn’t you tell me this before we started?”  People say this one is a bit lopsided.

The second was the Venom spider logo on my upper right arm.  I got that because I’m a huge Venom fan.  There was that arc in Spider-Man years ago when Eddie Brock had cancer, and a lot of people in my family have had cancer.  Some beat it, some didn’t, so this was kind of a cross between remembering my loved ones, and one of my favorite comic characters.  The artist’s name is Orrin (and I forgot his last name).  He’s a great artist but he moved to a different place and I lost track of him.

The third tattoo I got was the Carnage piece on my back.  I grew up in the ’90s era of Marvel Comics and no one was more bad ass than Carnage.  While I still enjoy the character, I can admit now that he’s not the best thing ever, but who doesn’t remember the cover to the “Maximum Carnage” video game and eventually the graphic novel?  I got this because I loved that story and I just think it looks cool.  Orrin did this one too.

The fourth tattoo was the Decepticon symbol (on my right leg).  Plain and simple, I’ve loved Transformers since I was born.  I wanted this tattoo for a while and one day I just got it done.  Matt Truiano did this one, he’s really awesome.  He’s my new go to guy.

And finally we have the Green Lantern tattoo which is on my left leg.  A Green Lantern draws its power from will power, right?  Well, I was getting my master’s degree and it was a rough road.  But I kept a strong will and got through it.  I was comparing myself to a Green Lantern while visiting my friend in Virginia and we started joking that I should get a Green Lantern tattoo (which I was already thinking about doing).  So, during my visit, we went and found an awesome place and I got it done.  I’m kicking myself because I don’t remember the name of the artist who did this.


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