Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine

Remember that time Hugh Jackman played Wolverine in that movie? Maybe that’s  because the Australian actor has been playing the fan-favorite Marvel mutant for nearly 15 years starting with “X-Men” in 2000 and continuing through this year’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” This year’s outing will bring him to 7 appearances — not counting the rumors surrounding a sequel to “The Wolverine.”

There is an entire generation of fans who know Jackman as the Best There is at What He Does, even if they aren’t as aware of his complicated comic book history, and the star recently re-posted a picture of one such fan’s stellar Jackman-as-Wolverine tattoo on his Instagram account.


While we were able to track down the full, uncropped image, unfortunattely we did not discover who it belongs to or who performed the work. But fear not — there’s more Jackman Wolverine tattoos below.





The final tattoo was done by Nipper Williams from Bridgend Tattoo Studio.


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  1. Betty_Smith says:

    There is no denying…Wolverine has been integral to the X-Men franchise! Oh I just loved that tattoo, it is clean and clear. Hats off to the fan and his love for Jackman, well deserved :)

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