In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, These Lantern Tats Do It All

I grew up with Kyle Rayner. That’s my Green Lantern, even if Hal Jordan starred in the movie and stars in DC’s main “Green Lantern” title. I’ve read a few stories featuring John Stewart and Guy Gardner (and, while we’re at it, Alan Scott), but Kyle’s always been my guy.

With Geoff Johns wrapping his nearly decade-long run at the helm of “Green Lantern” and DC’s expanded Lantern cast of characters and new creative teams taking on those title, I found myself thinking of Kyle Rayner. I wanted to see if any fans had Kyle tattoos, and while I didn’t find as many as I expecting, I did find something else: tattoos featuring far more than one ring bearer.

One tattoo in particular was so impressive, I’m going to post all of the progress pics in order so you can see it come together.

This GreenLant78 on the message boards and features multiple Lanterns (including Kyle), Guardians and the main battery. He hasn’t posted any recent updates so I can only hope we can take a gander at the fully-colored piece in the near future.

Eagle eyed readers may have spotted a different looking Kyle on his inner bicep. You’re not seeing double, that is indeed a chibi-esque Kyle on his arm, an ode to his son who shares the same name. Here’s a better look at it.

While discovering GreenLant78’s killer sleeve, I also came across one classic tattoo design featuring a lantern and a few more tattoos that celebrate the entire Lantern spectrum. Check them out below.

I know, that last one looks a little suspect with a few people on tumblr calling it a fake. So let’s end on this note, theflash7015’s self-designed Lantern spectrum ink.

Have a Green Lantern tattoo you’d like to share with our readers? Want to show why Kyle is the best lantern? Leave a comment here or drop us an e-mail. Until next time…




11 Responses to “In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, These Lantern Tats Do It All”

  1. Anthony O'Neill says:

    Except the Green Lantern oath tattoo is a fail. “In brightest day…in blackest night….”

  2. Josh Dionio says:

    Here’s my first two in a set that I hope to finish one day.

  3. m!ke says:

    that sleeve tattoo is seriously amazing!

  4. Irving Cohen says:

    Except that the original oath created in the 40s did use “…darkest night…” and was changed a few years after that to “blackest”.

  5. Joaker says:

    The original was darkest night

  6. Dominic says:

    Flash’s design is superb, a striking arrangement of icons. The Lantern symbols really work as tatts. Never thought about them as ink but will have to now…

  7. Ryan says:

    The second to last tattoo looks so much better than what I wanted to do with the lantern emblems. Quick question though; Does anyone know what that red and yellow ring on the top tattoo is supposed to be?

  8. M says:

    As the person who took the photo of the alleged “fake”, I can tell you it’s not. That was just after it it done; once the peeling stopped, it actually looked really good.

  9. Ben says:

    Amazing sleeve!

    I will say that tattoo in question isn’t a fake; judging by what’s going on with the skin it looks like it was done by someone with owns a tattoo gun, but has no experience (uneven shading, ink distribution, etc)

  10. jloder24 says:

    I’m not a tat guy, but Kyle is definitely the best GL, so I’m loving these.

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