Jason Aaron Turns His Gears

“Wolverine and the X-Men” and “Scalped” writer Jason Aaron is known for delivering hard-hitting comic books month in and month out, not to mention his impressive beard. He’s also become an increasingly avid fan of tattoos, amassing quite the personal collection.

Last October CBR TV spoke to Aaron at New York Comic Con where he said of his tattoos:

This is basically a symbol of me hitting that point in my life where I realized, “Well, I write comics for a living.” Like, I don’t have to give a shit anymore. If I get to the point where I have to go in for a job interview, where I have to worry about my appearance, I have screwed up. So that’s when I grew my beard out and I started getting tattoos.

Today Aaron posted the following image on his instagram account:

It was accompanied only by the caption, “Gears. Going on my arm.” Needless to say, keep it glued to CBR INK for more on this as we can find out.

You can watch the full CBR TV interview with Aaron about his tattoos, the end of “Scalped” and his Marvel NOW! title “Thor: God of Thunder” below.


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  1. Rob says:

    I love Jason’s work. Personally he is a great human being that will sign everything you hand him, talk with ya politely when you’ve got plenty to say, just the epitome of the cool, humble, kind creator that you meet at cons.

    But man, for a guy that wrote an article telling Alan Moore to *!#$ himself, I can’t help but think of Moore when I look at Jason’s beard.

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