Jessica “Crows” About Her Funboy Tattoo

Not all of our “reader tattoos” come from actual readers. Being that we’re a newer part of the extended CBR family (though not as new as the launched-yesterday, we rely on word of mouth and general social media virality to spread our ink-covered corner of the Internet a little further. Jessica Fletcher got in touch to let us know that while she hadn’t heard of the site until a friend mentioned it to her, she did have a comic book tattoo.

As always, we’re interested in showing off whatever our readers (and friends of our readers) are down to share. Today we go a little bit dark, borrowing a page from James O’Barr’s “The Crow,” depicting Funboy’s death scene from the original series. And in case that takes you to a morbid place you’re not quite ready to face, we also brighten the mood with a little “Adventure Time” action. Read on to see Jessica’s ink and our discussion with her about it.

CBR Ink: Why did you get this “Crow” tattoo? What is the significance for you?

Jessica Fletcher: “The Crow” is by far my favorite comic (and movie too, to be honest, although that might be because I have strong nostalgia for the early ’90s and Ernie Hudson).  I’m really fascinated by the relationship between the Crow and Funboy and to me, this panel is the culmination of that relationship and is one of the most beautiful panels in the book.

Why go for Funboy rather than an image of the Crow?

Mostly, it’s just my favorite panel.  I fully intend on getting more from the Crow, I just haven’t yet (and in terms of practicality, I needed to put that one in a place where I could cover “motherfucker” easily, since I have go to work and all, so it made sense to get that one first).  I also really like that Funboy, unlike the others, admits to being a monster.  And he knows what’s coming and doesn’t resist.  That makes him really interesting to me.

Do you have any other comic book tattoos, or anything else our readers might enjoy?

I just got an “Adventure Time” tattoo that was based off of two of the title cards, Rainy Day Daydream and What Is Life, with BMO and Gunter (with a bowtie!) added to it, right under Funboy’s death scene.  That one is so new it still itches! (Sorry about the picture quality on that one…bad lighting.)

That’s definitely a change of pace. What do tattoos mean to you?

Every tattoo I have is something that affects or represents me to my core.  There are a lot of things that I can’t express verbally or in other ways that I can express with tattoos.  Each one made me feel better after I got them.  I feel more honest with them, if that makes any sense at all.

Definitely. And because I couldn’t end this interview without asking… what’s it like being tattooed by a guy named S8N?

[Laughs]  It’s awesome.  For a guy called S8N, he’s awfully nice.

Both tattoos were done by S8N at Twisted Images in Louisville, KY.


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