Jonathan Finds Kirkby’s Darkseid & More

CBR INK reader Jonathan Pabon wrote in to share his newest tattoo, a Jack Kirby-inspired Darkseid piece on his leg. As it turns out, he also sports Doctor Doom and Batman tattoos, the former also drawn by Kirby. We reached out to him to get the story behind his new ink and inquire about the rest of his comic book-inspired collection.

CBR Ink: What is this image based on? Is it from a cover, an interior page, etc.?

Jonathan Pabon: I’ve been a big Jack Kirby fan for a long time and when I purchased the “King of Comics Biography” I said that if I ever got a tattoo it would be from this book. The Darkseid was from an unused page from the “New Gods” in 1971 and the Dr. Doom is from “Fantastic Four” #84 in 1969.

How far along in the process is the ink, and how much further do you have to go? Are you planning on adding any color or additional characters?

I’m just doing black and white, I feel that adding color would take away from the original drawings. As of right now I’m planning on adding a Magneto an Etrigan the Demon and a giant Galactus head, I also plan on using Kirby Krackle to tie the leg together. I don’t really have a time frame on when I’ll be done I’m always trying to think of new ideas.

How did you settle on this image as a tattoo? Obviously you’re a Jack Kirby fan, but why Darkseid?

I recently read the original Fourth World books and fell in love with the character. For some reason I always connected with the not so popular characters, and I mean who outside of comic book fans knows who Darkseid is? I was a huge fan of the animated “Superman” cartoon in the ’90s and I always remember the last episode when Darkseid and Superman fight on Apokolips and Darkseid’s people come to his aid. Its something about a man that commands so much respect that even his slaves love him. Doom was because of the look in his eyes and the gun in his hand. Kirby created some of the most iconic heroes in the world and everybody loves them, but look at the villains he created and how without them those heroes would have some boring lives.

What does this tattoo mean to you?

These pieces mean how much Jack Kirby made my childhood amazing and I want to honor him the best way I know.

Do you have any other tattoos? Are any of them comic book or pop culture related?

I’m working on a super hero sleeve on my right arm, first is my Batman by Jim Lee. I’ll be adding on a few more iconic images but nothing is set in stone yet. Also I want to thank the tattoo artist who did all the work so far, her name is Melissa Rivera and she tattoos out of Babylon Tattoo and Body Piercing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She’s a huge comic fan and has a nice little Tank Girl on her arm.


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