Jonathan’s Green Lantern Logo Tattoo

INK reader Jonathan Hord wanted to share his latest tattoo, a Green Lantern logo featuring Hal Jordan and Ganthet within the design across his lower rib cage. The tatoo was done by Drew Shurtleff of Big Daddy’s Tattoos in Oklahoma City.

Jonathan was also kind enough to answer a few questions about the image, including the reasons behind it and the art that inspired the characters, plus some in progress pics as it went from black-and-white to full-color.

CBR Ink: Why did you decide to get a Green Lantern tattoo? What does it mean to you?

Jonathan Hord: Big Green Lantern fan. I’ve always been a fan of heroes whose power can be stripped at any time. I fell in love with the Green Lantern/Green Arrow run and have been a huge GL fan ever sense. I wanted the logo but wanted something more unique so throwing the comic panels behind it just made sense.

Are the characters in the logo based on any specific artist’s take or a piece of art?

The Ganthet is from the New 52 “Green Lantern: The New Guardians” #4 drawn by Tyler Kirkham and the Hal Jordan is from issue #81 of “Green Lantern co-starring Green Arrow” drawn by Neal Adams (the series that made me love Green Lantern.

Do you have any other comic book or pop culture tattoos our readers might enjoy?

Nope, this is it, I have this and a small Hebrew tattoo on my chest.

Check out the original comic book images by Kirkham and Adams below.


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