Julian’s “Batman: The Long Halloween” Tattoo

Some things just go better together: Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and Coke. Batman and Robin.

In comics we have teams like Lee and Kirby, Siegel and Shuster, Morrison and Quitely and many more. But today, courtesy of reader Julian, we shine a light on a team that first made its mark on “Challengers of the Unknown” before leaving their marks on Batman, Superman, and various Marvel characters via their colors miniseries before teaming up (in a fashion) on the small screen for “Heroes.”

I’m talking, of course, about writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale. While Loeb has teamed with plenty of comics biggest artist stars including Joe Madureira, Ed McGuinness and the late Michael Turner, few of his collaborations reach the level of his works with Sale. In 2007, ten years after the original 13-issue series completed its run, DC re-released Loeb and Sale’s “Batman: The Long Hallowenn” in the Absolute Edition format. Sale provided a new cover for the hardcover, another in a long line of stunning and iconic Batman images he has created over the years.

INK reader Julian wrote us last week and shared his tattoo of that very image.

His tattoo really captures the expressiveness of Sale’s brushwork. The tattoo is drawn by Patrick Conlon, who is no stranger to comics having worked on his own “Swarm” graphic novel.

Here’s the original image for comparison.


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  1. A really cool looking tat. It would be great if he would color it in blue like the original.

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