Just Say N(W)O to This Hulk Hogan Tattoo

Sometimes you’re just minding your own business when the internet decides to dropkick you right in the face. That’s what happened earlier today when I hopped on facebook and saw several friends sharing a photo posted by Hurley’s Heroes proprietor and “The Beauty” co-writer Jason A. Hurley accompanied by the caption, “This guy, and his tattoo artist are my heroes. Except, you know, the opposite of that. So much fail.”

This image, found via the dark, often terrifying recesses of the internet, is the one he was talking about:

What else can really be said about this tattoo of wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan? There are plenty of good tattoos, and I’d bet even more bad ones. This just doesn’t come together in any way shape or form. Perhaps the owner was suffering from “Hulkamania” when he decided to get it.

The Hulkster himself got his own back tattoo in 2011, inscribing the word “Immortal” across his back.

Which do you think is the better tattoo?


11 Responses to “Just Say N(W)O to This Hulk Hogan Tattoo”

  1. David says:

    Wow, what a snotty, arrogant post. Who are Hurley or you to judge this total stranger?

  2. Rob says:

    Gonna love the irony of Hulkster’s tattoo in a few decades.

  3. Scud says:


    Look at that crappy tattoo, that’s poor decision making on the part of everyone involved. The artist should have known better and the guy who got the tattoo should have done some research.

  4. joseph says:

    It’s too bad WCW isn’t owned by some other company, the NWO stuff was the only time I found wrestling that interesting.

  5. Andrew Rubio says:

    Whatcha gonna do when a Hulkamania tattoo runs wild all over you?

  6. J-Ray says:

    @Rob: Sort of like the last Michael Jackson album, Invincible? :P

  7. David says:

    @Scud It’s not a tattoo I care for; I just don’t like the idea of CBR picking some random stranger and holding him up to mockery. It seems unprofessional and downright mean.

  8. Snappy says:

    This image of Hulk Hogan looks very familiar, the way the muscle and and face look,it may be based on a piece of other artwork that looked exactly like that, something official for merchandise from the 80s.

  9. lee says:

    The top post somes up my thoughts, how can guys crowded around a computer mocking someone possibly think they have any sort of value in this world

  10. lee says:

    sums up my thoughts

  11. Pedro Bear says:

    Lay off the bacon brother

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