Kellan Lutz Gets Tattooed for Jenkins & Prior’s “Tatua”

Announced earlier this week, “Twilight” and “Immortals” star Kellan Lutz is getting inked for “Tatua.” The actor has agreed to star in the $15 million movie based on an original concept by comic book writer Paul Jenkins and artist Rob Prior will be written by Paul Layden and marks the feature film debut of VFX standout Aaron Sims, whose short “Archetype” put him on the hot list.

While that’s all well and good, why is that news appear here on a blog dedicated to pop culture tattoos? In short, the story. “Tatua” follows an assassin with a rare blood type that allows him to be tattooed with various weapons he can then pull from his skin and use as actual, tangible weapons.

Here’s the teaser poster Jenkins and Prior created for the project:

Lutz himself is no stranger to tattoos. Last August he tweeted this image of him getting a new tattoo.

The quote on his left forearm reads “In life you never stop dreaming. In dreams you never stop living,” but I doubt it’ll do much good in his role as an assassin for the film.

We’ll definitely have more info on “Tatua” as it becomes available.


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