Kelly Sue DeConnick Wants Your “Captain Marvel” Tats

Last July, Marvel Comics relaunched their latest volume of “Captain Marvel” with Carol Danvers in the titular role, and writer Kelly Sue DeConnick at the helm. The series has met with both critical acclaim and developed a passionate fanbase. Today, DeConnick has called on that base to submit their Captain Marvel ink to be featured in an upcoming issue.

Here’s the full message, from her tumblr:


If you have a CAPTAIN MARVEL-RELATED TATTOO and would like it to be featured in an upcoming issue, please send a photo to and mark it OKAY TO PRINT.

(If you want to elaborate with the story behind it, I’d love to hear.)

As you might have noticed, we’re big fans of readers who wear their love of comics on their sleeves… er, skin. If you fit the above description or know someone who does, here’s your chance to see your pride and joy in a Marvel title.


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