Kevin’s Tattoo Collection Mixes Comics, Animation & Video Games

Reader Kevin Paisley recently got in touch to let me know he had a half dozen comic book tattoos, and wondered if we’d be interested in seeing them. He also casually mentioned having a few “Ben 10″ and Sonic the Hedgehog tats, just in case we might be interested in those as well.

In the time between his first e-mail and our last, he added two more tattoos, so settle in and check out Kevin’s collection which features Brainiac, Dr. Manhattan, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more.

Black Bolt is the silent — but not soft-spoken — leader of Marvel Comics’ Inhumans. Kevin’s Black Bolt piece is not the character himself, but is inspired by the design running down the front of his costume. You’ll also notice a Goomba from the “Super Mario Bros.” series of video games.

The preceding Upgrade image was inspired by the character from “Ben 10,” created by comic book and animation stalwarts Man of Action. The idea behind the ink is that it looks like the character does when he takes over a piece of machinery, hence Kevin’s leg gets an “upgrade.”

Dr. Manhattan from DC Comics’ classic “Watchmen.” This image is based on the cafeteria scene when he first re-materializes his corporeal form.

Classic Superman villain Brainiac’s skull-ship from the 1980s “Super Powers” cartoon design.

Echo Echo from “Ben 10.”


Marvel Comics’ cosmic entity Eternity.

X-Ray from the U-Foes, drawn by the tattoo artist.

Classic Sonic the Hedgehog.

All of the above tattoos were done by Ghandy at Hell or High Water Tattoo Parlour in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The Creeper was done by tattoo artist Aaron Hill, who did the piece in a David Hess-esque “sketch” style. Hill currently works at Speakeasy Tattoo in Toronto.

This is Kevin’s latest piece, added after we initially spoke, and depicts Silver (left) and Shadow the Hedgehog.

These were done by Dr. Timothy Strange at Bold Statement Tattoos in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.

And for those wondering, here is Kevin, the man with all the ink:


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  1. David says:

    Didn’t think I’d ever see any one with a U-Foes tattoo. But super glad that I did.

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