Kirby’s Beautiful Dreamer Watches the “Watchmen”

Reader Ben Herman shares two of his tattoos with us today, uniting one of the most enduring images in comic books with a creation by one of its most legendary creators. The first tattoo is of the Comedian’s badge from “Watchmen,” a yellow smiley face with blood splatter that appeared on the very first issue of “Watchmen” by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons.

The second image is of Jack Kirby’s Beautiful Dreamer, one of the Forever People from his “Fourth World” epic. Ben has been working on a Beautiful Dreamer-themed sketchbook since 2000, and committed an image of the character to his leg since he would never be able to get a sketch from the artist (who passed away in 1994). This particular image is taken from the “Who’s Who in the DCU” book and was drawn by Kirby and inked by Greg Theakston.

We’ll let Ben tell you a little more about both tattoos in his own words below.

Ben Herman: I used Dave Gibbons’ artwork from Watchmen” as reference, specifically the final page of the graphic novel — kinda appropriate, what with the line being “I leave it entirely in your hands” — since that was the clearest image of the bloody smiley face in the book.

I have had my Beautiful Dreamer theme sketchbook going since May 2000. I’ve always regretted that I would never have the opportunity to get a sketch of Dreamer by Jack Kirby himself. Also, practically all of Kirby’s original artwork is out of my budget. And then my girlfriend came up with a suggestion, the next best thing, you might say — a tattoo of the character.

Becca Roach, who previously did my Watchmen tattoo, did this for me, as well. It’s located on my left leg, and is based on the Who’s Who” profile of Beautiful Dreamer drawn by Kirby and Greg Theakston (who always did a nice job inking Kirby’s pencils). It came out incredibly well.

Both tattoos were done by Becca Roach.


3 Responses to “Kirby’s Beautiful Dreamer Watches the “Watchmen””

  1. Ash says:

    Love the Kirby tat!

  2. Ben Herman says:

    If anyone would like to see the pieces I’ve gotten done in the Beautiful Dreamer sketchbook, I’ve posted scans of most of them on the Comic Art Fans website…

    Thanks for taking a look.

  3. Ben Herman says:

    At some point in the not too distant future, I’m hoping to get a third comic book tattoo, Fritz from Love & Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez. I have to find a new regular job first so I can pay for it, of course!

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