Nathan Archer’s DC Comics Collection

Nathan Archer is a DC Comics fan. He’s also a fan of traditional tattoos. Today we present to you his collection of DC Comics tattoos that mixes his two loves in ways you might not expect given some of the more literal comic book tattoos we’ve showcased on CBR INK thus far.

“I think I just like the look of traditional tattoos a lot, especially when they’re blended with comic meanings,” Nathan said. “I also like that not everyone gets them, but if you’re a DC nerd like me you may get them right away.”

The first image on Nathan’s right shoulder comes from the cover of Lobo’s Back” #1 by Simon Bisley and features the words of his favorite anti-hero. “I think the quote is very tongue-in-cheek… especially since I’m a total fanboy,” he told CBR INK. The tattoo was done by Randy at Imperial Iron in Brandon, FL.

On his left shoulder is a Shazam/Captain Marvel quote borrowed from the book’s tag line in the 1970s, which Nathan told us was probably the first comic book ever given to him. This piece was done by Zenon, currently at Tarbernacle Tattoo in Tampa, FL.

Of his twin shoulder tattoos Nathan said he likes that the two of them together help to balance him out, almost like having an angel and devil on his shoulders.

Lastly, Nathan has a Flash “wing” on each of his ankles, based on Ethan Van Sciver’s “Flash: Rebirth” #1 cover.

While this marks all of his current ink, he does have plans for more in the future and has some ideas as to what he might want next. “I’ll probably be branching out and getting some character work while sticking to the traditional style,” he said. “Thinking of getting Kevin Keller, done in the cheesecake pinup tattoo style (like this) and I also love this Batman and Catwoman flash work by Derick James.” We’ll be sure to follow up with him if he goes forward with his plans.


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