Real Fans Keep Batman Close to Heart

As a grammar geek (snob?), I really wanted to just do a post about Milwaukee Bucks block machine Larry Sanders and his new “Give” and “Receive” tattoos. Only, that’s not what Sanders got.

“I before E, except after C.” Sanders and/or his tattoo artist didn’t recall the phrase or double check spelling before going permanent with the typo. And as much as I could waste a couple hundred (or more) words on the subject, Bleacher Report and others have it covered.

Instead, let’s turn our focus to Chris, the recent subject of Robot 6’s Shelf Porn feature. Chris is a Batman fiend who fell in love with the character during the classic ’90s run of “Batman: The Animated Series.”

While he owns tons of comics, statues and other collectibles, perhaps the pièce de résistance in his collection is the Batman symbol emblazoned across his chest, just like the Dark Knight himself. Only, you know, Chris’ symbol is permanent and he doesn’t have a secret identity (that we know about).

No one can question his zeal for the Batman now.

For more on Chris and his collection visit Robot 6.



3 Responses to “Real Fans Keep Batman Close to Heart”

  1. Alphonse Gitterbalky VIIII says:

    If you are going to get the bat symbol tattooed on your chest, then at least do a few push-ups – yikes…

  2. Chris Logan says:

    Eh, you know, the camera subtracts 10 pounds of muscle or something…

  3. The guy with Batman tatoo on chest is looking funny.

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