“Return of the Dapper Men” Birds Take Flight

Happy April, Ink fans! In honor of the arrival of Spring (it is Spring, right, weather?) I dug out an old tattoo that reminds me of warmer weather. I originally came across last July when this site was still just in the planning stages.

This image comes to us courtesy of the Eisner Award-winning minds of writer Jim McCann (who previously appeared on CBR INK with his own tattoo) and artist Janet Lee, the creative team behind Archaia’s “Return of the Dapper Men,” from which this image of two birds — one real, one mechanical — comes to us.

The tattoo was done by Chad Leever, an artist at Revolution Tattoo & Body Modification in West Lafayette, IN. He posted the image on his instagram account in July along with the caption, “Started this today, illustration from The Return of the Dapper Men, slightly edited,” though we couldn’t track down a photo of the finished work at the time of this story.

Here’s a shot of Lee’s original illustration from the graphic novel.

While Archaia has announced a sequel to “Return of the Dapper Men,” you can read McCann and Lee’s latest title, the four-issue miniseries “Lost Vegas” from Image Comics. The first issue is on sale now with #2 out later this month.


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