“Robyn Hood’s” Pat Shand Stays on Message

While most of our posts thus far have been all about imagery and iconography, plenty of tattoos are composed of nothing more than prose, sometimes ornate, other times simple. CBR INK spoke with “Robyn Hood” and “Godstorm” writer Pat Shand, who was recently announced as Zenescope’s first excluisve writer, about his tattoos.

Pat has two tattoos: the word “continuity” on his chest, and an initialism, “DFTBA,” on his wrist. We asked him a few questions about the meaning behind them and what he might have planned down the line.

CBR Ink: Let’s start with continuity. Is this related to comics and the fact that continuity is so important, or more about something more connected to life and your own personal operating philosophy?

Pat Shand: Kind of all of those things. It’s important for storytelling, and storytelling is my life, but I also have a series of novels I’m working on called “The Continuity.” It’s my reminder to write that, and write it well. Since it’s on my body, it… well, it better not suck. The word itself also feeds into how I try to live my life. We’re all telling our own story and all that stuff.

Is DFTBA “don’t forget to be awesome,” or a reference to something else? This definitely sounds more like the first item on your daily To-Do list, so what inspired it? Is there a time you felt you weren’t living up to your potential and this tattoo helped you see through it?

Yep, “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.” It’s an initialism that my favorite writer, John Green, popularized. It’s a phrase to live by, you know? It’s not enough to be okay. Be awesome. If I spend my life aspiring to awesomeness, I’ll at least always attempt to be my best.

Any other tattoos planned in your future? Maybe of something you’ve created as a comic book writer?

Yeah, for sure. I co-created a series I’m debuting next year called “Suckers” that I’ll get something for. I’m also planning on getting a tattoo of Robyn, the lead character from my Zenescope series, “Robyn Hood.” Also some Middle English text from “The Canterbury Tales.” Essentially, these are all exceedingly nerdy things. Maybe a Buffy tattoo. Who doesn’t love Buffy?


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