Tattoo Artist Ryan Cardinal Does Geek Tattoos

With more than 15 years at the needle, Ryan Cardinal has done his time as a tattoo artist and seen all manner of tattoos in various shapes and styles. But, as he told CBR INK, some of his favorite work has been based on comic books, video games and other geek culture sources.

Check out his full gallery after the jump featuring Iron Man, Hordak from “Masters of the Universe,” the Eye of Sauron from “Lord of the Rings” and a special surprise guest.

And, just for good measure, the inimitable Mr. T.

You can see more of Ryan’s work at the link above, or visit him next time you’re in Vancouver at Unity Tattoo.


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  1. Ben Vagnozzi says:

    That’s actually The Mouth of Sauron, not the eye.

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