Scott Pilgrim vs. Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s day, I thought it would be appropriate to let one of modern comics’ most romantic characters — at least in a belligerent sense — to usher in the holiday with a special collection of some tattoos featuring Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim celebrating that which he desires: love.

This tattoo was found via fyeahtattoos, but I couldn’t track down the original poster. They did have this to say of the Scott and Ramona image:

This is my Scott Pilgrim tattoo that I got on my 23rd birthday (11/26/11). I got this tattoo because the Scott Pilgrim comics and movie are both very special to me and someone I think I might be meant to be with. ♥ The two of us are very much like Scott and Ramona, and it’s become our little inside joke. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this tattoo. I’m in lesbians with it. ;] It was done by Floyd at Trillium Tattoo in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Here’s an 8-bit style Scott Pilgrim tattoo by Dave and Linda at Candy Skullz Tattoo. Once again, I’m not sure who the tattoo belongs to, but it was found via Mark John Halpin’s deviantART page.

No info on this one, found via fybadassink.

This is a WIP shot of Glen’s Scott Pilgrim sleeve featuring numerous panels from the comics. The tattoo was done by Tom Caine at Holy Mountain Tattoo.

This is not a permanent tattoo, but rather one drawn in marker. Still, it’s a strong enough piece that it felt like it belonged in this group. The artist is Renee Chio, and you can read more about the tattoo as well as see the black-and-white version at her blog.

And before we wish you all happy Valentine’s Day, enjoy these custom Scott Pilgrim Valentine’s cards by Liz Nelson.

Happy V-Day!


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