“Star Trek Generations” at Dragon*Con

Remember 1994’s “Star Trek Generations?” The seventh “Star Trek” film bridged the gap between the ones starring Captain Kirk and the original Enterprise crew with Picard and the “Next Generation” crew. An ambitious movie, to be sure, if nothing else it let two beloved Captains team up to stop a threat to big for either of them to handle on their own and served to pass the “Star Trek” cinematic torch.

One fan at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con a few weeks back certainly does, showcasing a massive back piece featuring (from left to right) Spock, Kirk, Picard and Data amidst stars, space, and the familiar logo.

Spinoff Online recently looked back at all of the “Star Trek: TNG” films and said of “Generations”:

“Generations” is, I think, the best of the worst, if that makes sense. Unlike “Insurrection” or the truly horrible “Nemesis,” its flaws feel more the result of flop sweat and trying to keep too many balls in the air than anything else, and there’s something almost forgivable about that; “Generations” is a very ambitious movie, and as such, I think it’s almost okay that it fails to come together into a totally cohesive movie in the end. If nothing else, having to try and wrap up the legacy of the lead character from the original incarnation of “Trek” is almost too much alone to deal with, never mind trying to do that, give equal time to the regular cast and tell a story. Call this one a valiant failure, then.

Thank you to artist, Falcons fan and Atlanta native Dexter Vines for the photo.


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