Steve Butcher’s Tattoos are “Venom”-ous and “Predator”-y

While a majority of the tattoos featured on the blog are just things I stumble across or seek out, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of our readers and the team at CBR. That said, I can’t recall who sent me a link to Steve Butcher’s tattoo work, starting with a Venom piece, but I’ll say thanks to everyone since that blanket statement should cover it.

The link I was sent led me to West Auckland, England-based tattoo artist Steve Butcher’s Facebook gallery. What I found there was not a lone Venom image, but plenty of tattoos you might dig. Are you fans of Batman, Darth Vader or Iron Man? I thought you might be…


2 Responses to “Steve Butcher’s Tattoos are “Venom”-ous and “Predator”-y”

  1. Debra Moses says:

    Just got a cool tattoo from a great artist named Leo Villsenor in las Vegas. Based on a piece from Jim Lee, I think he nailed it.

  2. Rob Levin says:

    Hey Debra,
    we’d love to check it out. Please drop me a line at

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