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Steve Butcher’s Tattoos are “Venom”-ous and “Predator”-y

While a majority of the tattoos featured on the blog are just things I stumble across or seek out, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of our readers and the team at CBR. That said, I can’t recall who sent me a link to Steve Butcher’s tattoo work, starting with a Venom piece, but I’ll say thanks to everyone since that blanket statement should cover it.

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Batman Beware, This Guy Joined the Court of Owls

As some of you may know, this weekend’s New York Comic Con is kicking into high gear as we speak with tons of news already spilling and loads more coming your way. As always, Comic Book Resources has you covered so be sure to visit early and often for all the announcements, reveals, interviews and coverage of one of comics’ biggest events.

But over here on Ink, we don’t stop for any conventions. We just keep right on finding choice tattoos for your viewing pleasure (and inspiration, although I have yet to hear if anyone has actually gotten a new tattoo based on something they found on the blog.

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Super Fan Dave Goes Front to Back with Epic Super Hero Ink

Way back when, CBR Ink did our initial call for submissions from tattooed readers. While we’ve featured many of them here, one of them got lost in the shuffle for far too long. Not quite a year ago, very patient reader David Kiljanowicz offered to share his super hero ink with the world, and today we’re finally fulfilling our part of the bargain.

David’s tattoos tell the story of a lifelong fan who has been reading comics since 1963. Now in his late fifties, David got both tattoos — a superhero tableau on his back and a Flash & Kid Flash — in his late fourties and was kind enough to send us pictures and give us his story of how they came to be. Take it away, David…

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Real Fans Keep Batman Close to Heart

As a grammar geek (snob?), I really wanted to just do a post about Milwaukee Bucks block machine Larry Sanders and his new “Give” and “Receive” tattoos. Only, that’s not what Sanders got.

“I before E, except after C.” Sanders and/or his tattoo artist didn’t recall the phrase or double check spelling before going permanent with the typo. And as much as I could waste a couple hundred (or more) words on the subject, Bleacher Report and others have it covered.

Instead, let’s turn our focus to Chris, the recent subject of Robot 6’s Shelf Porn feature. Chris is a Batman fiend who fell in love with the character during the classic ’90s run of “Batman: The Animated Series.”

While he owns tons of comics, statues and other collectibles, perhaps the pièce de résistance in his collection is the Batman symbol emblazoned across his chest, just like the Dark Knight himself. Only, you know, Chris’ symbol is permanent and he doesn’t have a secret identity (that we know about).

No one can question his zeal for the Batman now.

For more on Chris and his collection visit Robot 6.


Julian’s “Batman: The Long Halloween” Tattoo

Some things just go better together: Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and Coke. Batman and Robin.

In comics we have teams like Lee and Kirby, Siegel and Shuster, Morrison and Quitely and many more. But today, courtesy of reader Julian, we shine a light on a team that first made its mark on “Challengers of the Unknown” before leaving their marks on Batman, Superman, and various Marvel characters via their colors miniseries before teaming up (in a fashion) on the small screen for “Heroes.”

I’m talking, of course, about writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale. While Loeb has teamed with plenty of comics biggest artist stars including Joe Madureira, Ed McGuinness and the late Michael Turner, few of his collaborations reach the level of his works with Sale. In 2007, ten years after the original 13-issue series completed its run, DC re-released Loeb and Sale’s “Batman: The Long Hallowenn” in the Absolute Edition format. Sale provided a new cover for the hardcover, another in a long line of stunning and iconic Batman images he has created over the years.

INK reader Julian wrote us last week and shared his tattoo of that very image.

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Barrett’s Sweet Mazzucchelli Batman Tattoo

David Mazzuccheli is a brilliant maker of comic books, and I don’t use that term lightly. He’s done some incredible work on both Daredevil and Batman, not to mention his complex and hyper-stylized graphic novel, “Asterios Polyp,” which still pops into my brain from time to time because it’s just that good.

I recently heard from reader Barrett who got a Batman tattoo based on a Mazzucchelli sketch he found online. Like the man’s work itself, Barrett’s new tattoo is a thing of beauty. He was kind enough to tell us a little bit about the tattoo as well.

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“Li’l Gotham” Sleeve Adds Color

Last September we showcased a “Li’l Gotham” tattoo based on a drawing by Dustin Nguyen. The owner of that tattoo, Robbie Vega, got in touch to let CBR INK know that he’s made some progress since then, adding color to the piece. At last weekend’s Emerald City Comicon he stopped by Nguyen’s table to show it to the artist.

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Jonathan Finds Kirkby’s Darkseid & More

CBR INK reader Jonathan Pabon wrote in to share his newest tattoo, a Jack Kirby-inspired Darkseid piece on his leg. As it turns out, he also sports Doctor Doom and Batman tattoos, the former also drawn by Kirby. We reached out to him to get the story behind his new ink and inquire about the rest of his comic book-inspired collection.

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Batman & Catwoman, Together Forever (and the Joker, Too!)

While most tattoos exist as individual pieces of art, there’s another option that’s becoming increasingly popular: couples tattoos. Two pieces that sometimes work on their own, but usually only work when placed next to or against the other one. While these may come in the form of matched messages, ring tattoos or the like, some couples bring their love of comics into the mix and we get today’s tattoo, Batman and Catwoman in an embrace, framed by the night sky in the shape of a heart.

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WIP Jim Lee Batman Sleeve

We stumbled across this work in progress Batman tattoo on Pinterest, and felt like it was worth sharing with all our readers.

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