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“Flash” Writer Brian Buccellato Tattoos the Fastest Man Alive

Nearly two years into DC Comics’ New 52, plenty of titles have changed direction and creators have come and gone. One of the stalwart pairings of the new DC continuity has been the creative team on “The Flash,” comprised of co-writer and colorist Brian Buccellato and co-writer and artist Francis Manapul. Since the DCU relaunched in the wake of “Flashpoint,” an event that placed Barry Allen firmly at its center, there were plenty of expectations for the character in the New 52. Buccellato and Manapul haven’t disappointed, delivering one of the strongest and most consistent titles on comic stands today.

Last Thursday Buccellato showed his commitment to the Fastest Man Alive by getting a tattoo of the Flash on his right arm. Fittingly, the tattoo is based on a drawing by Manapul, who has been at Buccellato’s side for their entire journey through the New 52. CBR INK spoke with Buccellato — Booch to his friends — about the reasons he decided on the newest tattoo in his collection and what the Flash means to him. Continue Reading »

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, These Lantern Tats Do It All

I grew up with Kyle Rayner. That’s my Green Lantern, even if Hal Jordan starred in the movie and stars in DC’s main “Green Lantern” title. I’ve read a few stories featuring John Stewart and Guy Gardner (and, while we’re at it, Alan Scott), but Kyle’s always been my guy.

With Geoff Johns wrapping his nearly decade-long run at the helm of “Green Lantern” and DC’s expanded Lantern cast of characters and new creative teams taking on those title, I found myself thinking of Kyle Rayner. I wanted to see if any fans had Kyle tattoos, and while I didn’t find as many as I expecting, I did find something else: tattoos featuring far more than one ring bearer.

Continue Reading »

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