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Green Lantern Visits the “New Frontier”

Remember our massive Green Lantern post from a few weeks back? The one where I claimed Kyle Rayner stands atop the GL heap? Yeah, you remember. (And I stand by the sentiment.) It also prompted one of our readers, Joshua Balog to chime in with his own two cents. He said that Kyle is his favorite as well…

But you didn’t come here to read my opinions about fictional characters. You came here to see illustrated flesh featuring comic book characters. Well, just so happens Joshua has a Green Lantern tattoo of his own, and while it doesn’t feature any familiar faces, it’s still plenty iconic.

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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, These Lantern Tats Do It All

I grew up with Kyle Rayner. That’s my Green Lantern, even if Hal Jordan starred in the movie and stars in DC’s main “Green Lantern” title. I’ve read a few stories featuring John Stewart and Guy Gardner (and, while we’re at it, Alan Scott), but Kyle’s always been my guy.

With Geoff Johns wrapping his nearly decade-long run at the helm of “Green Lantern” and DC’s expanded Lantern cast of characters and new creative teams taking on those title, I found myself thinking of Kyle Rayner. I wanted to see if any fans had Kyle tattoos, and while I didn’t find as many as I expecting, I did find something else: tattoos featuring far more than one ring bearer.

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Jonathan’s Green Lantern Logo Tattoo

INK reader Jonathan Hord wanted to share his latest tattoo, a Green Lantern logo featuring Hal Jordan and Ganthet within the design across his lower rib cage. The tatoo was done by Drew Shurtleff of Big Daddy’s Tattoos in Oklahoma City.

Jonathan was also kind enough to answer a few questions about the image, including the reasons behind it and the art that inspired the characters, plus some in progress pics as it went from black-and-white to full-color.

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Dan’s Symbolic Tattoo Collection

A few weeks back reader Dan Lennane wrote in to ask if we’d be interested in showing his tattoos on the blog. As it turns out, he had never shared any of the reasons behind his five tattoos and was excited to tell the story behind each of them to CBR INK. Below he discusses the various logos (and one character) that adorn his body, as well as the inspiration for his ink. Take it away, Dan!

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