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Iron Man Tattoos For Days!

Iron Man Tattoos For Days!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you might have heard about a little movie opening up tomorrow called “Iron Man 3.” “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” writer-director takes control of the franchise’s third installment with Robert Downey Jr. returning as Tony Stark, and expectations are very high after a strong marketing campaign and some very […]

This Avengers Tattoo Might Make You Think Twice


We’re fans of tattoos ’round these parts, and while we’ve done a few posts lampooning some “lesser” examples of body art we generally try to keep things on the positive tip. Sometimes that just isn’t possible, and the worst of the worst needs to be shared. That’s exactly what happened when we ran across this […]

Tattoo Artist Ryan Cardinal Does Geek Tattoos

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With more than 15 years at the needle, Ryan Cardinal has done his time as a tattoo artist and seen all manner of tattoos in various shapes and styles. But, as he told CBR INK, some of his favorite work has been based on comic books, video games and other geek culture sources. Check out […]