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This Popeye Tattoo is Strong to the Finich

This Popeye Tattoo is Strong to the Finich


Some tattoos are clever in content — funny phrases, images that work differently depending on how you look at them or when paired with another — and others are just plain inventive. Case in point: This Popeye tatoo based on everyone’s favorite spinach-eating sailor.

“Helldorado’s” C. Michael Hall Gets His Geek On

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C. Michael Hall is the writer of Ape Entertainment’s undead Western series “Helldorado” and the 3-issue “Hooligan” miniseries for Viper Comics, about an anti-hero in the midwest trying to bring order to his town, which goes on sale later this month. He also writes and draws a series of educational comics including the viral sensation, “Library […]