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Steve Butcher’s Tattoos are “Venom”-ous and “Predator”-y

While a majority of the tattoos featured on the blog are just things I stumble across or seek out, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of our readers and the team at CBR. That said, I can’t recall who sent me a link to Steve Butcher’s tattoo work, starting with a Venom piece, but I’ll say thanks to everyone since that blanket statement should cover it.

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This a Serious Spider-Man Tattoo

A friend sent this Spider-Man tattoo my way, and I’d really like to know more of the story behind it. According to Geekologie, it was done by Pablo at Level Up Tattoo Studio in Great Falls, Montana. Based on Level Up’s original facebook post, we learned that the piece took more than 60 hours to complete.

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Dan’s Symbolic Tattoo Collection

A few weeks back reader Dan Lennane wrote in to ask if we’d be interested in showing his tattoos on the blog. As it turns out, he had never shared any of the reasons behind his five tattoos and was excited to tell the story behind each of them to CBR INK. Below he discusses the various logos (and one character) that adorn his body, as well as the inspiration for his ink. Take it away, Dan!

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Venom Body Paint Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Eddie Brock was once a reporter for the Daily Bugle who had the story of his career when he uncovered the identity of the Sin-Eater in the pages of Marvel Comics’ “Amazing Spider-Man.” Not long after, Spider-Man unmasked the real Sin-Eater, ending Brock’s career and shattering his life. Unable to deal with where his life had ended up, Brock was prepared to commit suicide — when he found someone else who hated Spider-Man as much as he did. That someone was more of a something, an alien symbiote Spider-Man had bonded with and later rejected. Together, Brock and the symbiote became the sinister force known as Venom.

It’s all well and good when Venom is a fictional character, but what about when he enters the real world (and no, “Spider-Man 3″ is still fictional, so that doesn’t count)? The results are pretty scary.

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