(The Other) Graham Nolan’s Cyclops & Havok Tattoo

Not to be confused with Bane co-creator and veteran comic book artist Graham Nolan, Graham Eason Nolan wrote in to CBR INK about a tattoo he designed based on the iconic looks of the Summers brothers, Cyclops and Havok.  Graham’s tattoo is meant to honor his relationship with his own brother Elliot.

His approach was to keep everything simple and sleek, taking the most iconic elements of each mutant’s costume and powers and finding a way to bring them together in one, two-banded image. It’s interesting to note that this piece was intricately planned, both from the initial elements to how it would look from all angles, as you can see below. You can find an explanation and process piece for designing the piece on Graham’s blog.

The tattoo was done by Sean Smith at American Eletric Tattoo in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.


3 Responses to “(The Other) Graham Nolan’s Cyclops & Havok Tattoo”

  1. David says:

    This is fantastic. I really love this. This makes me want to get another X-Men tattoo!

  2. Kevin-J says:

    now THAT is a superhero tattoo… i LOVE IT!!

  3. Luke M says:

    Cool concept. Keep it simple and elegant. Check out the link to Graham’s blog. Hilariously awesome. Love the intros. This was an interesting read. I might have to borrow this idea.

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