The Spider-Man Logo… as a Beard?

Let’s take a quick break from body art of the inked variety and check out man’s greatest natural contribution to fashion: the beard. From the mustache to the goatee to the Jason Aaron, there are plenty of ways for a man to make a fashion statement with his face alone. And apparently, it can also be a competitive sport (of sorts).

RVA Beard League president and founder Chad Roberts delighted comic book afficionados (not to mention facial hair enthusiasts) at January’s second annual Garden State Beard & ‘Stache Competition by crafting his beard to resemble the logo from Spider-Man’s costume.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a beard.

We came across this story via Laughing Squid, who also noted that Roberts previously styled his beard like an X-Wing Fighter from “Star Wars.” Is there nothing this man’s impressive beard cannot do?

Needless to say, CBR INK is always down to cover more impressive beards, mustaches and other varities of facial hair. If you see something awesome, be sure to get in touch via the contact button.


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