The Superior “Spider-Man” Tattoo?

While we have no way of knowing if this is the best Spider-Man tattoo out there, it’s certainly one of the more intricate. No one can doubt this guy’s Spider-fandom, putting the costume across his chest in such a way that it looks as though it’s underneath his torn flesh.

These pics began making the rounds in 2008, but some diligent Google searching never led me back all the way to the owner or the artist. But kudos to both of them for going all out.  Don’t forget the sleeves…

With things taking a turn for the darker in “Superior Spider-Man,” maybe Peter Parker’s future will look more like this. Only time will tell…


4 Responses to “The Superior “Spider-Man” Tattoo?”

  1. President Kang says:

    Too bad it’s based on the non-current Spidey movie costume!

  2. Spidey says:

    @President Kang, thats cause this guy got his tattoo based on the BEST Spider-Man movie costume

  3. Michael says:

    It’s a tattoo by Dan Hazelton from Milwaukee, WI. It’s not even the best Spider-Man tattoo in the city though… this is:

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