Two From LuVisi’s “Last Man Standing”

Things are in crazy mode here as we gear up for New York Comic Con this weekend, so here’s a quick post featuring two tattoos from “Secret Six” cover artist Dan LuVisi’s “Last Man Standing,” which was released in 2010 as a hybrid graphic novel/art book/character dossier. The story takes place 600 years from now and follows the nearly invincible solider Gabriel as he returns home a hero and celebrity following the war between Earth and Mars.  But before he can really bask in his celebrity he’s framed for a heinous crime by terrorists and jailed. The book follows his escape as he attempts to clear his name — and kills a whole bunch of people in the process.  You can find out more, and see a bunch of jaw-dropping art, on LuVisi’s DeviantArt page.

The first tattoo is of an unnamed (but very dangerous woman) from the book’s first promo piece that also served as a cover to “Heavy Metal” magazine. Note the tattoo within a tattoo… It’s all getting very meta. This piece was done by Leo at Studio 314 in Los Lunes, NM.

In progress:


The second tattoo from the book is of Hex, who literally has a universe trapped within him. That nebula is his actual body, not a reflection or a helmet. His skin is a map of the universe, and he is the “God” of the entire universe in “LMS.” Jacqueline Auditore got this ink  to reflect her agnostic beliefs, and the tattoo was done by Rod at Studio 21 Tattoos.

Here it is at 50% completed:

The finished version:

“Last Man Standing” is currently in development as a movie at Paramount.


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