Venom Body Paint Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Eddie Brock was once a reporter for the Daily Bugle who had the story of his career when he uncovered the identity of the Sin-Eater in the pages of Marvel Comics’ “Amazing Spider-Man.” Not long after, Spider-Man unmasked the real Sin-Eater, ending Brock’s career and shattering his life. Unable to deal with where his life had ended up, Brock was prepared to commit suicide — when he found someone else who hated Spider-Man as much as he did. That someone was more of a something, an alien symbiote Spider-Man had bonded with and later rejected. Together, Brock and the symbiote became the sinister force known as Venom.

It’s all well and good when Venom is a fictional character, but what about when he enters the real world (and no, “Spider-Man 3″ is still fictional, so that doesn’t count)? The results are pretty scary.

These images are the creation of Georgette Pressler at Devious Body Art, and they are a thing of terrifying beauty.

While Brock began a serious villain and struggled to do something better with his life, the current iteration of Marvel Comics’ Venom is a hero. Flash Thompson was Peter Parker’s high school bully (and later friend) who grew up idolizing Spider-Man and wanting to emulate his hero. After being wounded in Iraq cost him the use of his legs he enrolled in a new government super soldier program that bonded him with the alien symbiote known as Venom. Now Flash uses his new-found abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American way as a super powered government agent.

Thanks to HeroChan for originally finding these images.


6 Responses to “Venom Body Paint Will Haunt Your Nightmares”

  1. That is off the hook! Fantastic!

  2. Scud says:

    I can’t remember where I saw the pictures but there is Venom cosplay by this girl using latex that makes this look childish.

  3. Ben says:

    Sorry Scud, but nothing about these images looks childish, how hard is it to praise something without bashing something else? Makes you look childish.

  4. Laurence says:

    Very creative and inventive! Nice job sir.

  5. @Scud

    Both are good in different ways. Maybe those two crazy kids should get together.

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