Walter White, “Jaws,” and More Skin Doodles

I don’t go on Reddit all that often, though when I do shine a light on that particular corner of the Internet there’s always something amusing — or, more often, bizarre — to find. Recently I stumbled across a series of images posted by film student and Reddit user LegolasGreenleaf, all of which were completed as doodles on her skin while she was in class. Though not tattoos in the sense that none of these are permanent, these are pretty slick drawings on skin and if she doesn’t pursue film she might have a future in the tattoo business.

In addition to Walter White from “Breaking Bad,” check out the full set of images after the jump.

Above you can see a series of planets beneath her skin, a shark inspired by “Jaws,” an 8mm film camera and stitched together flesh — and for good measure, a “The Dark Knight Rises” sketch on paper. I can’t quite tell who the drawing in the upper right corner is supposed to be, so feel free to chime in with your own guesses.


2 Responses to “Walter White, “Jaws,” and More Skin Doodles”

  1. MW says:

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, maybe.

  2. Superheroic says:

    yeah. JG-L from Looper probably.

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