Znag’s Jaw Dropping 3D Body Art

They’re real and they’re spectacular. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! Is This the Future recently tracked down the artist responsible for the image below — which, like many unbelievable images shared across the Internet, was deemed equal parts amazing and fraudulent. As it turns out, they’re 100% real and the work of a Russian graffiti body artist known as Znag.

Since much of the work is NSFW, we can only share the following new image from the photos Znag sent to Is This the Future.

While graffiti body art is hardly new at this point, Znag’s work is extremely compelling and could inspire both more art in the same vein as well as actual tattoos that recreate this same level of depth and intricacy.

Are there any comic book images you think would benefit from the same treatment as either graffiti or as a tattoo? Sound off in the comments.


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